Friday, December 16, 2005

A Day of Ignorance, Dec. 12 2005

I had to respond to my favorite libs taunts today with a fairly well constructed rant. This is in response to two separate emails concerning the news (or lack of) for the day. Predominantly figured in this argument is the NYT drivel that I don't link to, or even reference, on account of its idiocy. Secondary is a pessimistic observation of how Iraq, like a couple of other Islamic countries, will reject democracy. Enjoy!

Oh surprise surprise. Not to exited about the Iraq elections are you? And then to parrot your beloved NYT. Was this an issue two days ago? Do you want to stop terrorists? Apparently, in answer to your questions, some members of congress seemed to think it was ok to get a ear in your private conversations. However, none of that supposed information has been used in a criminal trial, you should be safe. I guess this will be an issue now though, since McCain's Al Qaida Bill of Rights appears like its going to become law. Even if legitimate agencies obtain information about suspected terrorist activities, they won't be able to use it.

Amazing the confluence of America destroying idiots. So the little worms book comes out in ten days? And they release the story on the day after a huge success for our country? Al Jazeera couldn't do as much damage, but no matter, they can rely on the NYT. The agenda of both seems apparent, the failure and disgrace of America. So who has been leaking this information? Critical information about our national security is being systematically given to the press for political use. But that doesn't seem to bother you. Doesn't fit your agenda. And some very damaging information is being suppressed for politics as well.

Don't you want to know what is in the Barrett report? Talk about presidential abuse of power! Forget the NSA, you should be very scared of political abuse of the IRS! That is a much more insidious problem. Anyhow, no one seems to be screaming about using spy satellite resources when looking for the perpetrators of the Oklahoma City Bombing, again, does not fit the agenda. Oh, wait, Viacom has no one on deck with a book to market on that one yet. But will they? I mean, it would mean Clinton illegally authorized spying on American citizens.

The agenda, its all about the agenda. Forget about honor, forget about reality. Just do anything possible to further the agenda. Notice how many front page stories there are about the amazing Iraq election? None. What is on the front page? Stories about the Patriot act going down in flames, and stories about Bush authorizing the eavesdropping on Americans! Gasp. Horror. Wait, didn't the Patriot Act authorize that anyhow? But not anymore! And the most diabolical, idiotic legacy of the Clinton era is coming back, the Gorelik Wall. Yep, can't share intelligence among agencies, wouldn't be fair.

The only thing liberals seem to see is politics. No concept of National Security. The only outcome acceptable to them is defeat for Bush. Yet, since he is trying to protect America from terrorism, they are on the side of terrorists. Or do you think Bush is out to get information on you? If it truly is personal rights and freedoms that you want to fight for, how come you aren't screaming about the Kelo decision? Cities and Counties all over the country are now moving against innocent property owners under the new found definition of eminent domain. That is a real infringement, not some information gathering that is designed to protect us. Again, doesn't fit the agenda.

Finally we get back to Iraq, which should be the lead story for days. Iraqi security was very successfully in maintaining a peaceful and well organized election. Where were the terrorists? Where is your civil war? And yet, in the face of amazing progress, the biggest concern is whether a true democracy is possible. Fears about political parties similar to Islamic Brotherhood or Hamas gaining majorities in Iraq. Fears that democracy is not possible. Well it is interesting that you never mention Turkey in those discussions, Iraq's successful neighbor. Even Iran has a bit of choice for some, and yes, the 'voted' for a dynamic radical, and will pay the price. But further than that, it appears there are a preponderance of Islamic Democracies of one form or another. Imagine that! From the doom and gloomers, you wouldn't think it were possible. Or maybe it is not on the agenda. A agenda that seems to be more and more involved in overt ignorance.

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