Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Liberal Nutz Cling to Lies

Again, probably because it's a easy cop out, I have responded to inanity in the inbox. It appeases my guilt for not doing real investigations. But time is tight, and its the Holiday Season, so do what you will!

There are some things us old guys just don't understand, I guess.

Our Prez wants us to 'stay the course' in a war in a country where more than 80% of the people want us to leave.

Our Prez saz we gotta fight terrorism in a country, in which there was no terrorism until he invaded it.

Our Prez saz we are going to rebuild an 'infrastructure', that we destroyed.

Our Prez thinks I should give up my civil liberties, so I can be safe and stay free.

Our Prez says we don't torture nobody, but he wants a legal exception so that he can.

Our Prez says that this feller Saddam was buddy buddy with Osama, but everybody else says they hated each other.

Our Prez says this same feller, Saddam, was building atomic bombs and missiles and chemical weapons, but he just can't find them.

Our Prez says Saddam was a threat to world peace, but it was his Defense Secretary and Vice-Pres that helped arm him and gave him chemical weapons.

Our Prez says that debt and deficits don’t matter, yet he represents a political party that used to yell and scream about debts less than 1/10th the size.

Our Prez says that polls don't matter, yet he and his friends always quote those polls when they agree with whatever they want.

Our Prez says that the really rich need a tax break, but us middle class folks who pay a lot more of those taxes, don't.

Our Prez says that listening in to my e-mails and phonecalls is necessary, but the law says he can't without permission.

Our Prez says that he's only killed 30,000 of them Iraqis, ONLY 30,000? But he had to because they were killing each other.

Our Prez says we are a country that obeys the law, but he runs a world-wide system of secret prisons in which torture routinely occurs.


Whose nutz here, me or him?

Well, I keep doing this, I guess because its fun, but liberals have a tendency to cling to their untenable world view in the face of facts. And I guess its self preservation for the most part, because most liberals believe they are right (morally correct) to the exclusion of any dialog, which is very indicative of a psychological disorder. But for the record, we can dissect this drivel quite rapidly. And, yes, your nutz.

From the top, you state 80% of Iraqis want us to leave, yet where do you get your facts? From a Murtha quote? Or maybe a suspect poll that is 100% inaccurate? Maybe you would like to hear from a real war hero about what the Iraqi people want. I love the "we created the terrorists" argument. Its so vapid, requires no rebuttal beyond the comment that liberals really do believe this, amazingly. The infrastructure myth is simian as well. What was your mythical Saddam Utopia like pre-war? What perpetuated the decay? Years of sanctions? Oil for food for fat checks in the pockets of French and German diplomats? On the flip side of this, we see that liberals really do like Stalinist regimes above democracies. Ah, next up, McCain's Al Qaida Bill of Rights. Another worthless argument as apparently we already have laws against torture. But now lets extend constitutional rights to enemy combatants! To bad liberals don't believe in history. How about one of the greatest Republican's similar actions? Saying it better than I, from The American Enterprise:

He knew he could not fight a war on two fronts, and his critics are right that when it came to coping with what he once called "the enemy in the rear" he was stern, occasionally closing newspapers, suspending habeas corpus, defying a hostile Supreme Court Chief Justice, imprisoning ordinary people and even duly elected legislators (one Democratic congressman was forcibly exiled from the Union--see page 49). Lincoln did all this unapologetically, foreshadowing Justice Jackson’s later view that "the Constitution is not a suicide pact." If this makes Lincoln a dictator, he is in the same company as our other war-time Presidents, all of whom took extraordinary actions to protect the security of our country. As Lincoln himself put it, "You don’t fight wars by blowing rose water through corn stalks."

In light of this, I would say President Bush has kid gloves on. We need a Lincoln in the War on Terror! Now you move on to being a apologist for the Stalinist dictator Saddam again with the "he's not a bad guy" garbage and "we made him that way" crap. Oh, that will win you elections! And this holistic effort of psychotic liberals to create a reality in which "Bush Lied" is laughable. The finest debunking of that pea-brained silliness comes from another stellar president who in 1998 passed legislation ( The Iraq Liberation Act) requiring that the US foreign policy would focus on regime change. In the document reference is made of the goal to "eliminate Iraq's weapons and missile programs". So Congress lied? Clinton lied? All lies! Liberal lies everywhere! Run for the hills!

Lets deal with your other mutterings rapidly. Yes, deficit spending should cease. This one certainly crosses party lines, as every politician sent to Washington takes little green pills when they get off the plane, freeing their conscience from the national wallet. Next you want to trip up the President concerning polling data? Whatever, oh, look at those approval ratings. Why aren't you touting that anymore? I thought libs were compassionately concerned with Bush's approval rating, at least they were for the last year, what happened? Now you claim that the middle class pay more taxes than the rich. Keep smoking that stuff. Here is my favorite figure. Looks like a whole lot of wealth redistribution going on! Get with the program, class warfare is such a looser.

Ah, we move on to the hot topic of the day, secret spying on American citizens. Clinton's Echelon program didn't seem to bother you, yet when we want to listen to conversations between terrorist, you get offended? Gee, and it wasn't even a war when Bill did it. Yes, this issue gets to the heart of the matter. Al Qaida has no better weapon right now than the liberal journalist on the left. As if scripted by OBL, the NYT releases, on the day after hugely sucsessful democratic elections in Iraq, a spurious slime piece. It seems that the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy is alive and well. Liberals must have defeat for America, defeat for Bush, in order to satisfy themselves. Doesn't that seem awful close to treason? Furthermore, the Old Grey Hag has apparently no memory of its own, and no editorial morals, as from a NYT article this appears to be legal. Idiots, but they make me laugh.

Finlay we end with a few more choice lies. One, the President did not claim anything, and your attribution betrays your bitter peacenik hatred. Hmm, thats kind of a oxymoron, but there it is. What the president did state is the tragedy of war, and any war is ugly. But this is where the peacenik has lost touch with reality, so its pointless to argue. And last we have a "world-wide system of secret prisons" where unmentionable horrors occur. Only, there is no evidence of such. Come back to the real world. There is some evidence of rendition, a policy brought to you again, by one of our favorite Presidents in this darkly worded Directive #39. Star Chamber? Conflagration of Overlords? Clinton was such a pioneer!

Yep, I guess there are some things socialist liberals don't understand. And they don't seem to understand that they are increasingly marginalized as a political philosophy. But it has nothing to do with physical age. It has more to do with memory loss and the unwillingness to deal with irrational hatred. It has a lot to do with the formative years of protest glory and free love. Unfortunately, liberals always look backwards to those days, and have no vision of the present or future. The libs are nutz, and the policy of Doom and Gloom appears to be crumbling, kinda makes me feel sorry... nah.


Nancy said...

I love the "next blog" feature because sometimes you get great pairings. Such as this one that came up right after yours. http://grand-adventure.blogspot.com/ It's a good back to back read.

Carlos said...

I went there, and could not disagree more. Only two posts? Both posts complaining about Christian Conservatives complaining about the War on Christmas?