Friday, December 30, 2005

Dour Prediction for Leakers?

I find it interesting that liberals can so easily compartmentalize their morals to fit political objectives. On the face of it, we see complete disregard for facts or reason, but as we dig deeper, the picture clarifies, it is a complete distorted realm that the liberal mind resides. Lets begin our palaver with another provocative message received from the far left.

Lemme see if I got this right. The "government" conducts illegal and unauthorized wiretaps etc in violation of Federal law. Some patriot tells the press. Now the Gestapo (DOJ) is trying to find out who outed their illegal operations so they can prosecute them for telling the truth. Don't ya just love freedom in Amerika?

Now this is in obvious reference to a recent headline (example) about the opening of investigations into leaks of classified information. Notice first of all, that the actions of the government are assumed to be illegal a priori, and that the leaker (who actually did break the law) is deemed a patriot. Then the DOJ is falsely impugned with the attributes of a terrible historic police force. Anyhow, my sarcastic response was fun.

You're close:

The "government" tries its best to protect the citizens against terrorists by conducting covert activities, perfectly legal in a time of war. Some quisling idiots on the left want to get political mileage and expose the program. Now more of our finest citizens, who give their whole careers to see justice done, are going to stick it to the traitorous scum.

Yes, I love America.

But the fun hasn't stopped there! Oh no, said lib won't leave this one alone, thats for sure. As I think about it, isn't that the reason we have these conversations? Do we not derive great satisfaction in crafting lightly veiled sarcasm, the purpose of which is to plow under the old rhetoric, and create far more beautiful maunder (deliciously obscure double entendre)? Lets consider the liberal response.

First: NO, NOT PERFECTLY LEGAL IN TIME OF WAR, OR ANY OTHER TIME, UNLESS AUTHORIZED BY LAW AND UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF THE COURTS. We have a "balance of powers" system, where absolute power is NEVER vested in a single branch of government. That is why the Executive must get PERMISSION from the Judicial to execute what would otherwise be clear violations of Constitutional rights. We must NEVER give up rights during time of war, at the risk of NEVER getting them back from the Executive again. Due process must still be met, probable cause must still met. We cannot allow the Executive to go on a fishing expedition against anyone it chooses simply on its say so. No republic will long survive the suspension of civil liberty.

Second: Strong, but meaningless rant. You should consider that most opponents of the Bush administration consider themselves to be every bit the patriot, and more, than Bush. They do what they do to further what must be done to save the republic from overblown and excessive Executive power. All Bush had or has to do is go to the courts to get the proper authority to conduct the wiretaps. It is not unreasonable to assume that he did not do so, first, because he is trying to grasp all power to the Executive Branch, and second, because he knows that almost all of those wiretaps would be denied for lack of credible evidence and hence probable cause. Everything has become "politics" to the Bush camp. They are simply seeking the aggrandizement of power for its own sake; it has little to do with the safety of the republic. At some point, I think we have reached that point, the people will see it for what it is and the courts will move to redress it. For example, Pedilla.

Third: More name calling, not useful. If one were to lay an accusation of treason, let it be laid where it belongs; on those who would subvert republican principles and in so doing produce more terrorist enemies of the nation where there were none before.

Oh boy! What a interesting defense. Lets dispense with the first bit of nonsense quickly. My dear opponent, not being a lawyer, seems to be forming his opinion from leftist news organizations and not reality. The best explanation I have seen yet is from the real lawyers at Powerline (here,here), who discus and present links to background quite well. Good luck lefty! On the second issue, this malplaced patriotism is exactly what is wrong with the left. They consider it holy work for the socialist church to do anything to bring down this administration, and in the process, do enormous harm to our country. As for the rest of point two, see point one. And as for the group to whom "everything has becomes politics", it is easy to see how far the left has sold out their own country just for politics, so I would contend they win the prize. On to the last point, where the accusation of name calling has been made. Is quisling not a apropos retort to "Gestapo"? And the insinuation of treason is very clear for the left who apparently want the same goal as our mortal foe. Yet the juvenile claim is made again about us creating the terrorists, fighting a enemy that wasn't there, and how that is supposed to be traitorous. Yeah, that makes sense...

In conclusion, what the majority of people are seeing for what it is, happens to be the Moonbat left and their Draconian philosophical overlords in the socialist journalist newsrooms. Apparently, evidence and reason are unpalatable for Moonbats, and they need something bloodier, like the NYT. Yes, one of the targets in the leak probes will be the superfood of Moonbats. My own desire, is that we get some scoops on the NYT by the WP, or visa versa, and then we can have a socialist journalist civil war, much like what they are hoping for in Iraq. Whatever happens, it will be high entertainment, and we may even get a scandal in the Senate. Yep, it doesn't look good for the leakers. (I have to start that now, partly in jest of the idiots who screamed for blood in the Plame Afair.)

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