Thursday, March 01, 2007

When Progressive Becomes a Religion

Here is my kind of entertainment. Conversations that expose the Liberal Religion for what it is, your basic Stalinism. But it begins in such a innocuous way:
Hmmmmmm...... China and Japan have savings rates of over 50%........ The US has a negative savings, we are living off our savings. Result, we borrow A LOT from China and Japan. So.... We are in hock to them for a lot (a whole lot) of money. Hmmmmmmm......
My reply:
And with the unholy, unintended cabal of liberal doofus educators and Corporate Banks that make billions on ridiculous credit, it ain't going to change soon. There is virtually no practical economics taught in school. Why?
As you can see, 'them's fightn' words', so we know what to expect, right?
ah, hard to know how to answer this......

You watched any television lately? Been looking at what you get in the mail perhaps? Don't you think American corporations are hell bent on trying to sell us an enormous range of crap and junk we don't need? I mean, take a gander at the commercials ur kids are watching on TV these days! And the applications for 'easy' credit cards come by the boxload. Zero percent interest (for the first six minutes), buy now,pay later (and forever). But that's what you get with unregulated free form theft capitalism; 22% and 24% interest rates are the standard! But that's what you neocon types just love---profit before common sense, profit before country, profit before anything. Remember, it is a basic tenet of capitalism that the ONLY responsibility corporate management has is to produce profit for its investors. Any economist will tell you that we can't live like this forever. There will come a reckoning, in the form of massive economic collapse.....the history of capitalism is chockablock with these cycles, and it ain't over yet. Care to buy any tulip bulbs? (an economists joke.....)
Sheesh, always the same, pessimism, doom, and gloom. I don't want tulips, I want more stock in financials, as that sector has done quite well. Anyhow, what did we send back...
What you are describing is a society that has no sense of personal responsibility. That is not a product of add campaigns... but of bad education. Its the proliferation of welfare mentality, victimization, and inflated self esteem. Not a result of capitalism. Education reform! Return competition to the school system, and kick out the failed socialization curricula! You want to blame a symptom of consumerism, and regulate. But that is the problem! Looking to government to correct what appears to socialist feelgooders as exploitation. Never addressing the root of improving the individual, just coddle up some more victims.

Damn liberalism is backasswards!
Ah, now we are getting somewhere! Tension, rhetoric, heated impulsive argument!
All the ad people have been wrong all these years? All the corporations have been wasting their money by buying advertising? Television spots have no influence on consumer buying habits and choices? Where ya been lad? Trouble with you CCCRW's is that you live in a wonder world of should'a, would'a, could'a.....trying to tell everybody what 'ought' to be, how we 'ought' be behave, what we 'ought' to do. You don't deal with the real world of how people actually act, how people actually make life style choices. You've become hung up on crackpot religious moral philosophies that pre-date the scientific study of human behavior. All human 'failings' are 'moral' choices to you, not learned and situational responses to stimuli. Join the 19th century and then come into the 21st.

For example. I know very well what 'causes crime'. And I also know very well that moral admonishment, punishment, prisons and 'finding Jesus' isn't the answer. There is no morally based 'solution' to the 'crime problem'. I know the CCCRW moralists and 'holier than thou' breast beaters don't like that, but there it is.
Ok, now the veil is lifting! But, what is underneath? Not a enlightening argument, mostly ranting and raving against some religious demon. Oh well, take what you can get. Funny that someone can 'know' that finding Jesus is not the answer, when they have never had that experience. And of course, invalidate anything of the sort for the unwashed...
Boy, you gettn' real defensive again? Whats up? Cause and effect man, its pretty simple. Of course adverts work, and your state retirement fund happily increases in value from successful advertising. But its a idiotic liberal idea that people are somehow being forced to watch tv, look at billboards, listen to radio spots. You can turn most of it off. Most people choose not to. So, why don't you advocate mandated limits on media usage? Makes as much logical sense as your want of more corporate regulation. And whats this insane babel about my side trying to tell people what to do? YOUR THE LIB WHO WANTS TO USE THE GOVERNMENT TO RESTRICT FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!! What insane babel. Here you go, life is just a bunch of responses to stimuli. ITS NOT JOHNIE'S FAULT HE CHOPPED UP JANE, HIS MOMMY WAS REPRESSIVE... Yep, that's the outcome of your 'so called' study of human behavior, a society of the lowest common denominator, moral equivalence, mush for brains nihilists. Oh, that's progress all right. And whats this BS that "you know" what causes crime, and that moral judicial systems don't work? Are you the king of the world now? You have placed yourself very high in judgment... Yet the foundation of your lofty perch is a 'belief' in a philosophy of governance, yes a veritable godless religion of social humanism, that has never engendered success. Please...
Did I make my point? I get it, but will we receive a counter to the obvious clarity of liberal moral relativism? If you guessed no...
Gee, there's that 11th century scholastic philosophy bunk again. All you gotta do is use your 'free will' and 'make a choice'! Moralistic theological thinking in the 21st century. Inadequate and obsolete ideas from the dank dark dead past. You can't accept that 'man' is just another kind of animal, susceptible to all the conditioning, learning, training and physio-psychological of the other primates and all living things. You have to make every decision into a 'moral' choice, when 'moral choices' are garbage old-think ideas. The useful conception of right and wrong isn't 'moral' at all, its based on utility, function, purpose, object and equity; commonly agreed up social values of producing 'the good life' for all of societies members, a shared set of secular human values in which are members of the community are valued productive members, not toys of a remote wrathful father-figure deity who hides in the clouds commanding us to obey him or he'll do terrible things to us. Oh Zeus, Oh Wootan, Oh Baal, protect little me! Forgive me for my pretended offenses against you! Have your sacred priesthood tell me what to think , what to do, where to go, how to behave....for I have no mind of my own. I cannot think for myself, I need your sacred book to tell me how to think. I'm just a weak willed sinner, oh whimper oh whine.

Of course we know how to reduce crime! We've had adequate crime-control strategies in the West for more than a hundred years. Give me the political power to sweep aside the medieval religious mind and I could reduce crime to a small fraction of its current level. What's lacking isn't the strategy but the political will, because the public mind is still controlled by mystical religious moralisms that are out of step with modern science. While you dwell on 'fault' I'd prefer to look for prevention.
Now we see the real beast within! Fear of the unknown, life at the level of the animals, and arrogance of 'knowing' what is right and what is wrong. Furthermore, this is the view you, I, and everyone else must have, otherwise they rate no consideration. Well, lets get frisky!
Ah, you fail to perceive the trap you have fallen into. The mentality you express is one of grand superiority, towering confidence in your personal beliefs, and defensive derision for anything else. The true nature of secular humanism is its incredible audacity. Refusal to accept others, unable to compromise, eventual compulsion to denigrate opposing viewpoints. It's a sad myopic world parading as 'openness' and 'acceptance'. However, it seems to be that once one converts to your religion, they pitch all universal objectivity, in favor of populism and groupthink. Who can't allow for a diverse world?

Another failure of socialist nutters spouting off about secular human values is to perceive the monumental hypocrisy in such statements. On one hand, you say you value all members of the community, but in the same breath prove you actually have great disdain for the majority of that same community. What grand tragedy is this? Trashing the values of the larger community and attempting to impose your own? Its the oligarchy for sure, Stalin would be proud. Make them productive members! Give them the good life! The good life where you have forced the majority to bow down to your self perceived superior philosophy! Ah, that is progress all right. Just the concept of believing the masses are sheep, weak willed puppets, who need secular humanism to save them is very corrupting. No free thinker there. No strong will in that elitist position. Just nihilistic self glory, and social defensiveness. Emotional self preservation in the form of group mental agreement and ego stroking. Couple that with the Grand Denial of the total failure of socialism wherever it rears its ugly head and you have a religion in the uber cult category. The worship of self, elevating man to be his own god.

Furthermore, it is asinine from a scientific perspective to claim some grand progress in the modern day that is decoupled from Christianity in the West. Any objective analysis can not separate the influence, in fact the dominance of Christian principals and thought. Yet the defensive secular humanist MUST not credit anything of the sort, as it infringes upon his own beliefs. It is of absolute importance to refuse the positive influence of faith on society, this would introduce doubt into the belief that is the foundation of secular humanism. They claim no god but man.

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