Friday, February 23, 2007

Liberals Throwing the Race Card in Defense of Jihad

I REALLY can't believe this one. Now, somehow, identifying Jihadists or Radical Islamist as BAD, I'm a racist! Yep, makes whopping lots of sense! Perfectly reasonable! Just take enough little blue pills and you will get the same conclusion in no time. If you haven't noticed, I'm at a loss on this one. So far from normalcy that its scary. See for yourself:
Yes, racist, as in the following quotes, from you: "This is fueled by a philosophy that does not value life... the overwhelming primary source of terrorism does not come from radicals in those groups. It comes from one clearly identifiable source... the Arab Muslim community as a unconscious/conscious facilitator." Yes, racist.
I'm not even sure bin Laden himself could follow that one. I'm coming around to the view that modern liberalism is a greater threat to America than radical Islam. It's insidious and poisons the mind, soul, and heart. The epitome of evil wrapped with feel good gift paper. At least the Jihadists are overt in their loathing... This little tidbit came with a kicker concerning the last post:
Then, we have: "Have you not convicted the US of systematic torture, rendition, terror based solely on accusation? HMMMM?"

So...a. Bush and Cheney have both publicly admitted the above.
b. We have survivors of the process who will testify to the torture.
c. We have at least 4 governments in Europe who are asking for CIA people to be arrested and bought to trial.
d. Several nationals of the countries involved have admitted their involvement.
e. investigative journalists have id'ed the planes, tail numbers, flight times etc etc.

So, I say, on to court. Give us a chance to prove it under oath, in court. Bet ya won't..... No get outta jail card free. Problem is, little if any of this appears in the controlled American press. If you CCCRW's say it aint so, let's go to trial and see what the courts do with it. Ya, I know you hate due process, rules of evidence, witnesses, cross examination, but hey, that's how you get to truth in democratic judicial process; not by drum head court martials in the middle of the night. The American process has become the old nacht und nebel of the national socialists. What wonderful company you now have. Finally: "you can't see that cause WE are the bad guys, WE are the instigators of terror." Wrong again. All we liberals are saying is, we do it too. We too are terrorists, just like them. The notion of 'american exceptionalism' is dead. No more 'city on a hill' bullshit. The Americans, the West, is just as bad as anybody else. The Russians in Chechnya, the French in Algeria, the Brits in Kenya, Israel in Palestine and Lebanon and the Americans in Vietnam and Iraq. We ain't so high and mighty....we are guilty of the same practices as they are, and often on a larger scale.
So in response to these amazing statements I get a bit heated:
Unbelievable! Don't stick to your incorrect accusation on this one, or you will prove yourself damaged, base and irrelevant.

Radical Islam does not value life, and they prove it by action. The philosophy of radical Islam is evil. Nothing to do with race. So, no racism there....

The primary source of terrorism today comes from radical Islamists. Another statement of fact. Nothing to do with race or racism.

Accusing the Arab Muslim community of possible facilitation of said radical groups is another fact. This deals potentially with a ethnic group (however all Arab Muslims are not the same race), but has nothing to do with racism.

You better get off this or you will get yourself in trouble. First, by such accusations, you don't seem to have a very clear definition of racism. Second, are you trying to say radical Islam is somehow a race or ethnic group? Asinine. Third, throwing around race accusations is a simian tactic that gets you further into the gutter than class envy. Don't do it, its wrong. To summarize again:

Radical Islam - evil philosophy - nothing to do with race
Source of Terrorism - Radical Islam - nothing to do with race
Arab Muslim complicity in Radical Islam support - statement of fact as per modern polling data - nothing to do with racism

Now, if you have sunk so far as to not be able to identify evil philosophies, and everything has its moral equivalence for you, fine. Go tell your local Al Qaida recruiter that you understand how it is, send you money to Hezbollah, cause everyone hurts, write a letter to Mymood I'minajihad explaining liberal support for all. Unbelievable. Sick corruption of the mind. Anyhow, drop the racist thing, or my estimation of the conversation will diminish. You really stepped in the sewer on that one, and it continues to stink.

Going forward, are you misunderstanding systematic again? You have evidence of a few renditions. The President acknowledged the practice in a few extreme cases. I say "Congratulations Mr. President on actually doing some necessary covert action, I'm sorry a few got caught. Lets make sure that doesn't happen in the future (the getting caught part)." Yes, in other words, I am all for the fact that covert actions are sometimes necessary. However, we have discussed this in the past, and it is not productive to return upon divergent opinions. I agree, if they get caught, you pay the price in publicity, so you better realize that before hand and be prepared for that cost. Conversely, the current debacle is fueled by anti-American Euro-socialists, and I would thwart them at every turn on political principal. Soon to be relabeled 'Eurostan', they ought to look at their own future security more closely.

Now for what is a really sick admission: "We too are terrorists, just like them. The notion of 'american exceptionalism' is dead." In your mind this may be true. And what killed exeptionalism in your mind? What caused you to think your a terrorist to? Could it be a evil twisted philosophy of moral equivalence? Could that have caused you to think this way? Could it be the result of the corrupting influence inherent in modern liberalism? Is the source of this statement a reflection of reality or simply the glasses you wear? What a sad result. Maybe subconsciously you have the great liberal guilt complex as well? Whatever the cause, it is a clear indication that you refuse to see America objectively anymore. Your liberal filter has created a land of doom and depression, and with that in view, how can you move towards anything positive? It's tragic and seemingly hopeless. It almost seems that your view is a inevitable product of having no hope. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Maybe you want to heed a statement of George Washington and use his prescription for rebuilding our institutions and society:

"Our laws and institutions must necessarily be based upon and embody the teachings of the Redeemer of mankind. It is impossible that it should be otherwise. In this sense and to this extent, our civilization and our institutions are emphatically Christian."

Emphatically! Impossible otherwise!

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