Friday, March 09, 2007

The Little Joementum Redux

I was just rereading the significant sections of the Congressional report regarding Playboy Joe, and have to comment. No, the big Joementum is our beloved Senator, this is about little Joe, former Ambassador to Gabon (tough job for sure), and grand protector of all things SECRET, especially his lovely secret agent girl wife. I have trod this path before, back when it was interesting, and even speculated that the Libby trial could generate tons of fun, but alas, all for not. It was boring, sad, and clearly a trite effort. Two years of special investigation, and what have they concluded? "Where is Rove! Where is Cheney! Where is our blood sacrifice!" Yes, the left is still livid about Fitzmas, second only to the wonderful month of Jan, 2001. Forget 9/11, these are the dates liberals really cringe over. Anyhow, back to my general impressions of the report.

I notice now, that the Ambassador of Disaster had very little to say concerning the primary question. Chatting with a few retired officials, sipping tea on the veranda, then scheming a way to make millions... Oh, that last part isn't quite in the report. In fact, the report gives the impression that the King of Diploswing had such useless information, that it was not sent around generally. Gee, that's great. So the reality was, CURRENT Nigerian officials were in direct talks with the ACTUAL U.S. Ambassador concerning potential unsanctioned sales. Those same officials OF COURSE, claimed to have no contact with 'rouge' states officially. And why in the world would they admit to such weather it had happened or not? Duh, no wonder the CIA pointy-sticks wanted additional information. And the one useful thing Mr. Suave himself provided was evidence of a additional meeting betwixt the nasty Iraq and noble pure Niger.

What cracks me up is the contention of the Nigerian officials that the uranium production was very secure, as the French ran the operation. Is that the same French who at the time were raking in very large lumps of Oil for Food cash? The report is not clear on whether that France was the same as the Security Council France that went to bat for Saddam against the U.S., and provided a nice back door for billions in oil sales. Of course they wouldn't think of letting Saddam get hold of any uranium... Not the peace loving French. Never.

So, after you read the report again, see if you come to the interesting conclusion that I did, our intelligence service is a joke, and so is Joe. I want to be served better than that. But, from such inauspicious origins, comes the Wilson show! It has vibe, it has energy, and now it's got a movie and book deal! Goooo Joe! History will forever recall what a honest and forthright guy you were... or, at least in your book, your wife's book, and her new movie. Holy-weird history will give you peace and glory, don't worry. And your nutter fan base will immortalize you, till the next artificial scandal comes along.

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