Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Four Unconscionable Lies Weisberg Demands You Believe (or you must be stupid)

So I get sent this nice article with the tag "a breath of fresh air", and thinking something nice or funny must be inside, what do you guess I find? Jacob Weisberg's little tidbit of arrogant liberal smuggish brain mugging drivel. Well, we simply must destroy!
Hah, stagnant swamp gas! What a idiot, and if you are somehow claiming that is the truth, well, guilt by association. And here I thought a 'breath of fresh air' meant you were going to talk about something else... Ok, lets get specific:

1) So the war was a mistake? Irregardless of how duplicitous a peacenik idiot can get, you have to be a soulless moron to want Saddam back, which is the implication. Or is there some other magic fairyland solution that was 'right around the corner' in the global socialist dream world of UN sanctions and resolutions? (Need I mention OIL FOR FOOD?) Likewise, is the implication that the U.S., who's goal is a free democratic state, is a worse Stalinist overlord than Saddam? Free elections, a constitution, free markets, even the freedom to fight a civil war if need be, though that is not our goal. Ah, liberal power to the people, but only the people we like... Now, with that idiotic view out of the way, an assumption he attributes as truth for all, he then claims most politicians won't admit their mistake. Duh, a simian buffoon can see through that one, yeah, even a buffoon in a liberal echo chamber... like SLATE readers.

2) For the big lie number two, Mr. Pointy Head claims that we aren't acknowledging American soldiers 'victimization'... WHOA! Imagine that, another liberal idiot trying to create more victims! Would never have expected that. Why doesn't he head down to any military hospital and take a poll, "Hello, do you feel like a victim? You should, you know." What a elitist prig, with no class at all, except perhaps class envy, which is the next slander of our troops. Another liberal idiot promoting the view of 'compulsory' opportunity driven enlistment. That argument has been crushed many times, yet is so convenient, most libs can't let go. It's capped off with the line: "Our troops in Iraq may not see themselves as cannon fodder or victims of presidential misjudgments, but that doesn't mean they're not." Oh! So Mr. Pointystick knows about cannon fodder! Much better than the troops even, cause he is SMARTER than they are... At this point we can pretty much discount anything Jake has to say, cause we obviously won't understand it with our faulty, uneducated, unenlightened point of view.

3) The "Great Waste", is something so despicable, it's worthy of the term unpatriotic. And anyone who holds that view, is utterly beyond the pale. Irregardless of a individuals support of the Iraq war, no loss of a American soldier is a waste. We could be defeated, our society destroyed, and doomsday occurs, but the soldiers are fighting not just for their mission, but for each other. And to have a socialist pig journo try and force that assumption on the general public is truly Anti-American. Disgusting, and I would make the same claim about Obama and McCain had they not retracted their statements. Both of them, I believe, were not intending to claim waste as interpreted. Mr. Pointless, on the other hand, disapproves of the 'banal' euphemisms like "sacrifice". This is most likely a derivative of his nihilistic, insulated persona, and I would challenge him to stand up to those who take that risk, and have made that sacrifice, and explain how much more pure his self serving existence is. Anyone who concurs with this pint of view is equally open to derision, again, whether you agree with war or not.

4) For his final 'make what I say truth' blather, there is the stupid contention that we are 'loosing' or have already 'lost' the Iraq war. No, Mr. Worhtless, wars are won or lost when they are finished. How stupid are you? But we know you do not want to win, and you want to make sure everyone else should follow and intend us to loose as well. How about you jump off a bridge with a bag of bricks in your hand. After you go down, I will claim that obviously you have drown. Am I correct? Don't avoid the truth of my statement! Your condition is drowning, you can't make it, as claimed by experts! I am sure the point will be lost in the muddled mind of liberals who "have decided" that we lost. How about acknowledging the unpleasant truth that your views are destructive to society, and will weaken and undermine our nation? Grow strong Mr. Noteworthy, and confront the truth of your despicable, elitist, Anti-American viewpoint. Realize that you have succumbed to believing your own rhetoric and break free of the journalist echo chamber.

Well, it was a valiant attempt, however successful. Fight on seekers of the truth!

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