Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dealing With More Liberal Idiocy

I have left this one on the back burner for a while, as they don't even rate mention. But, as more than one person has been led here, I will address it. I speculated about the quantification of violence and liberals propensity for making horrific claims about our soldiers in the aptly titled "Al Qaida Just a Crime Wave?" What grand humor. Alas, there are those who laugh only at the destruction of our traditions, society, and unborn. The link in question is from a blog entitled "Intelligent Discontent". Notice anything amiss? The truly intelligent would not name their blog 'adjective' 'adjective'. Try this one, "Vapid Soreness". Or how about "Compulsive Expletive"? Anyhow, they make a vain attempt at sarcasm, then parade out gruesome photos of dead Iraqi civilians, babies included. Of course war is horrible, I loath the destruction. But where, oh enlightened lib, are your pictures of the hundreds of dead children at the hands of terrorists? Where are your pictures of the millions of dead fetuses from your abortion mills? You are responsible for their deaths, are you not?

Should we leave Iraq, and its innocent, to the hands of Islamofascists? You want a policy that will virtually guaranty the subjugation of millions, let alone the prospect of another killing fields? All so that you can gain political power? Or absolve your guilt? Juvenile imbeciles, that would be a better name. I apologize for my readers in not linking up to this material. If you really care, you can find it. But don't bother. Alright, enough ranting, thanks for your patience.


Anonymous said...

From Merriam Webster:

Main Entry: discontent
Function: noun
: lack of contentment: a : a sense of grievance : DISSATISFACTION (the winter of our discontent -- Shakespeare) b : restless aspiration for improvement

Carlos said...

Sorry, number one usage is adjective, even by Websta.... But, I am perfectly happy to go down that road as well, how about "Super Discontent", sound good? No, it would be "The Super Discontent". Or lets go with "Very Literary Discontent", nope, still needs a the to be English. Stupid comment.