Friday, July 28, 2006

Keeping Up With the Demented Anti-War Elitists

More mail, more stupidity. Tell me what you think of the platform of the liberal with a bad case of Bush Derangement Syndrome. The excerpt in the email comes from a TomsDispatch post, and is a preview of a upcoming Jonathan Schell article. Lets have some fun:
Well, here's a pretty good, if brief, summary of the way 'us liberals' see the current administration.

Anyone who wants to write about the constitutional crisis unfolding in the United States today faces a peculiar problem at the outset. There is a large body of observations that at one and the same time have been made too often and yet not often enough - too often because they have been repeated to the point of tedium for a minority ready to listen, but not often enough because the general public has yet to consider them seriously enough.

The problem for a self-respecting writer is that the act of writing almost in its nature promises something new. Repetition is not really writing but propaganda - not illumination for the mind but a mental beating. Here are some examples of the sort of observations I have in mind, at once over-familiar and unheard:

President George W Bush sent US troops into Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction (WMD), but they weren't there. He said Saddam Hussein's regime had given help to al-Qaeda, but it had not.

He therefore took the nation to war on the basis of falsehoods.

His administration says the torture at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and elsewhere has been the work of a few bad apples in the military, whereas in fact abuses were sanctioned at the highest levels of the executive branch in secret memos.

His administration lambastes leakers, but its own officials illegally leaked the name of a Central Intelligence Agency operative, Valerie Plame, to discredit her husband politically.

He flatly stated to the public that all wiretaps of Americans were ordered pursuant to court warrants, whereas in fact he was authorizing and repeatedly reauthorizing warrantless wiretaps. These wiretaps violated a specific law of Congress forbidding them.

His administration has asserted a right to imprison Americans as well as foreigners indefinitely without the habeas corpus hearings required by law.

Wars of aggression, torture, domestic spying and arbitrary arrest are the hallmarks of dictatorship, yet Congress, run by the president's party, has refused to conduct full investigations into either the false WMD claims, or the abuses and torture, or the warrantless wiretaps, or the imprisonment without habeas corpus.

When Congress passed a bill forbidding torture and the president signed it, he added a "signing statement" implying a right to disregard its provisions when they conflicted with his interpretation of his powers.

The president's secret legal memos justifying the abuses and torture are based on a conception of the powers of the executive that gives him carte blanche to disregard specific statutes as well as international law in the exercise of self-granted powers to the commander-in-chief nowhere mentioned in the constitution.

If accepted, these claims would fundamentally alter the structure of the US government, upsetting the system of checks and balances and nullifying fundamental liberties, including guarantees in the Fourth Amendment to the constitution against unreasonable searches and seizures and guarantees of due process. As such, they embody apparent failures of the president to carry out his oath to "preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States".

March on, George, to the death of the Republic and the end of Liberty.

First thing to point out is the incredible smug derision of the American public by the statement that we have yet to take these constitutional challenges 'seriously enough'. Not only is he a prig, but a stupid one at that. Can't see the threat of Islamofascism first off, then accuses the general public of being stupid for not agreeing with his position. Gee Johnathan, maybe the general public DOES see the real threat, and HAS made a choice. Suck it up dope. After establishing himself as much smarter than the rest of us, he then proceeds to parrot a whole list of "Truth as I Told it" leftist inanities. What is amazing is that these people actually tell each other this stuff over and over again until it is gospel in their liberal religion. A most remarkable phenomena.

If you boil down every statement though, it clearly hinges on Bush hatred and nothing else. They have no vision of what America faces, no memory of how many times we have been attacked, and no solution for any problem at all. They just want their comfy power back. The whole position is symptomatic of BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome), and very sad. Another amazing point regarding this current mindset of liberals is that they can not seem to get control of themselves. BDS has pushed them so far off base that they can't even see the changing landscape of American politics. What happened to the days of Clinton having his finger in the air? He was a 'poll'-itician that garnered success. No more for the Donkey club. They can't even decide amongst themselves about whether to support the war or not. And for the most part, simply because they are worried about individual districts. They really don't act like we are at war. Short sighted, ignorant political hacks who have lost their emotional compass. Fixated on Bush, obsessed with one man. Bush, the devil of the liberal religion. Everything he does is pure evil. Demented Elitists indeed!

I have to jump to the end of the Schell article not included in the email.
Can this pattern be broken? Voices are already being heard advising that the opposition to the Iraq War and the failed vision it embodies should, with the next election in mind, now embrace a generalized new readiness to use force. But that way lies only a new chapter in the sorry history of the pitiful, helpless giant.
The pattern he speaks of is a absurd creation of his mind where the government becomes more or less totalitarian based on the results of fighting wars both real and in the media. So, he complains about the Iraq failure, and that that will lead to a easier use of force. And somehow that links to the next election, where he apparently doesn't think his peacnik friends stand much chance of gaining control. Anyhow, tho point of the above is his perception of pitiful America, the helpless giant, and its sorry history. Pleasant fellow, so upbeat and full of hope! Go move to France and get it over with. Be the inner socialist! Live the life of the peacenik cult in its true form! I leave you with the thought that eloquence combined with inanity come in strange packages. But a cure for BDS has yet to be found.

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