Monday, July 31, 2006

Answering The Mideast Mayhem Liberal Globalist

Lets examine a line of questioning:
So, why hasn't US worked for immediate cease-fire?
Uh, lets see. Hez is a terrorist organization. With the express purpose of removing the state of Israel from the map. What idiot thinks that you will be able to stop them from attacking? Oh, wait, those cease fires worked great before. Gee, Hez sure appreciated Israel pulling back to its own border. What good is a immediate cease fire? Except to make anti-Semitic peaceniks in the UN feel good about themselves. Hey, maybe there is a Nobel Peace idiot prize available for someone here.... Bet Kofi wants one.
Ah, for some the world is so simple. Alas, it is not simple. You didn't answer the question. The answer is, of course, the forlorn hope that either the Israeli bombing will destroy much of Hezbollah, or, that the bombing of civilians will turn them against the Hez. Neither one has ever happened, and won't happen now. Instead, every bomb makes more Hez supporters in Lebanon, which also means more advantage for Syria and indirectly Iran. Once again, there is no military solution to the problem. The UN/NATO/Arab League or whatever needs to work up nerve enough to physically separate the warring parties while the Arabs pressure Syria and Iran and the US cuts off Israel. The US remains the key to the Middle East because only the US can force Israel to the bargaining table. But the US won't do that and won't go to the diplomatic table because 'we don't talk to terrorists!" Well, sooner or later we WILL talk to terrorists, because that is the only way left. So....separate the warring parties and put together a peace conference with the US exerting the necessary arm twisting to get Israel to support a Palestinian state. Start to isolate the extremists instead of creating more of them. Move Israel back to pre-1967 borders, with guarantees by the US and others. I hope its clear that Israel over reacted to all this. Why the US can't see the trend of the recent few years escapes me: Palestine elected Hamas, Lebanon elects many Hezbollah, Egypt elected many Muslim Brotherhood, Iran lost it's moderate government and on and on. All because the US withdrew from the peace process in 2001 and became nutzo after Sept 11. Remember, Egypt and Jordon DO recognize the state of Israel.....and others will too.
Come on, derisive tripe. The population suffering the most casualties in these areas has already been warned multiple times be Israel to leave. Now, the evil Hez apparently place high value on making sure that they operate near civilians for the express purpose of exploiting those casualties. Nasty little men aren't they? Where are all the calls for war crimes against Hez? It is against the Geneva convention to intentionally fire upon civilians (ala Hez rockets) and equally wrong to use civilians as shields. Crickets chirping at the UN on that one.

Now, to counter the stupid notion of creating more Hez, did we create more Nazis by bombing Dresden? How about more fanatical Imperial Kamikaze troops by firebombing Tokyo? What is unreachable to the the peacenik is that we will not ever succeed in talking to terrorists simply for the fact that that is part of their strategy. They will say anything, but it won't stop their plan. It is asinine to 'open up a dialog' with a group that is not going to change its stated purpose of the destruction of Israel. This idea that you can isolate them is equally juvenile. The only way they will be isolated is if Lebanon somehow cracks down on them and Iran (Syria) stops supporting them. No UN force will sustain any casualties, and the Hez will just exploit them, so cross that little answer off the list. Lebanon does not have the will or strength to do it and Iran is hell bent on world destruction at some point, so this is not a fight you will win diplomatically.

The final point is what really exposes the myopic and cancerous view of the peacenik left, namely the meme "its all our fault". We 'withdrew' from the peace process. How stupid is that? Maybe we need to invite some terrorists to the White House. I mean, Clinton sure created a lasting peace by diologing with Arafat. We went 'nutzo' after 9/11. So, the only people who are "sane" are a bunch of 9/10 liberal peaceniks? It is amazing that something so obvious can be rejected completely by a whole political philosophy. The real war apparently is between those who recognize the threat to humanity from Islamofascist and the intelligentsia who don't. It is going to take more strikes in Europe before there is a change. That is my prediction.

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