Monday, August 07, 2006

Mainstream Propaganda Gets Busted and Liberal Ignorance

Today's exchange revolves around the Reuters story of doctored photographs. Follow the links if you are not familiar with the story. Here is evidence of how dense the liberal mentality is, and how they really can not comprehend the blog world. The original provocation took this form:
Lemme see if I got today's news summary right.....
1. Between the war in the Middle East and rot in Alaska, the price of a barrel of oil will quickly go past $80. (We'll ignore the role of wasteful consumption for the moment.) The BBC is forecasting $86!
2. Israel is busy rounding up the Palestinian government....(so there is nobody they CAN talk to....)
3. The Lebanese government has now been completely driven into the arms of the Hez, so much so that they are now appealing to Arab governments for support. (since the West sure ain't gunna help them any!)
4. The Somalia government has dissolved itself....headed for the the extremists are in charge.
5. The US is in the process of abandoning the rest of Iraq to defend Baghdad.....the prelude to collapse.
6. The Brits are about to split from the US and join Europe/France over Lebanon....(about time, too).
Hah, the real news today is the exposure of Reuters shilling for terrorist propaganda, and no MSM reporting of it. Oh, there was a little story of the Lebanese PM downgrading the 'Massacre' from 40 dead to one. I don't get your comment on the Brits, we are hanging with the French on crafting the stupid cease fire, the one that won't happen. Try starting here (The Jawa Report): Doctor Photo
Well, sure nuthing in the news I've seen about any photos. And since ur CCCRW didn't take the time or care, or didn't HAVE a source, there is no way to check is there. But, since it's in a blog it's GOTTA be real, right?! That's the usual far right response we've seen for years now....Well, it COULD have been,so that means it WAS. Take two aspirin and come back when ur sober. Guess that means that the US vassel state isn't bombing the hell outta Lebanon's all a fake....nobody really dieing.

Ya, the PM got a bad report report on the bombing, but, you'll note,unlike SOME people we could mention, like the US Marine Corps, he came out instantly with a correction and set the record straight.

On the Brits. Apparently the US and France are really some way from agreeing on troops and when....the US still insisting that we wait until the vassal state.....I mean Israel.....wins a 'great victory'. Gunna be a long wait! The Brits, on the other hand, are moving to the European solution of a cease fire sooner rather than later. The big hang up seems to be do you do a cease fire and then move in, or move in and force a cease fire. ( I vote for the later...move in in force, a couple of divisions, infantry, tanks, big guns, airforce, kick the hez and israel out at the same time, restore Lebanesse control. No rockets, no bombing, period. Trouble is, to do that the US must agree to push real real hard on the vassel state....and we are not about to do that....therefore, another failure of US policy in the Middle East is taking place.

Geez, u gotta stop reading that shit on the blogs.....drivel. Like their information is somehow magically better and their opinions somehow informed.....
Uh, you didn't even look at the pictures did you? Or follow the links.... Reuters has had to remove some hundreds of this guys pictures, and fire him. Gee, why did they do that if its just some stupid blog? Actually, three independent blogs have discovered doctored separate photos. Did you even read the article? How about the 'poor distraught woman' who apparently owns multiple houses? Yeah, good question, why have you not seen anything about it in the MSM? Hmmm, maybe they know that they run with anti Semitic propaganda all the time, and this story just doesn't fit the action line. The funny thing in this is your poo pooing a blog, that has accurate speculation, with clear facts, that doesn't claim to be news, just commentary, in deference to a Hollowed News Outlet, that put out doctored photos. Welcome to the new media! You obviously didn't follow any links, so have a gander at some more fun:

Ynet coverage
Photo Doc Sacked

Now, as to your solution, are you suggesting that some as yet to be determined force (comprised of what army?) will fight Hez? Yeah, that's a good one. So, this cease fire, who is going to force Hez to disarm again? They want a cease fire for sure, have to resupply sometime. And there is no way they will just roll over. Gee, maybe Kofi could go negotiate with them, legitimize them, and further stab the Israelis in the back, as the UN is want to do. Good idea.

Well, as I indicated in the intro, it amazes me that, when stared in the face with obvious facts, liberals will stick there heads in the sand simply because they don't like the source. It is a clear case of the Rather syndrome.

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Liberals are just afraid of the truth and cannot admit they are always wrong!