Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thoughts of Evolutionary Biology

So I get forwarded another excerpt from our favorite fish-wrap, the Old Grey Hag, concerning a 'alarming' omission of in the funding of poor undergraduate students in the specific field of evolutionary biology. Its got all the perfect trappings of a great liberal puff piece; possible meddling of Christians, concerned elitists, aid for the downtrodden, and the core belief of the new liberal religion 'separation of church and state'. What more could you ask for! Unfortunately, I don't like to link to the Hag, besides you have to sign up to access content, but if you must this might work (link does not work - title is "Evolution Major Vanishes From Approved Federal List"). Hmmm, are they making money over there at the Hag? Here is the one liner attached to the forward:
The looney tunes CCCRW strikes again! Religious ideology over science!
My response was inspiring:

Boy, you complain about blogs, yet this tripe is downright conspiratorial! And its a major newspaper! No evidence of anything except knee jerk responses and intentional spin for you anti Christian nutters. Which is strange, because it is not a large majority of Christians who are against evolution. It is a small group of literalist who really make it their pastime to look stupid. I wrote a nice piece for the 'cloth' per se against the idiotic current fad of Intelligent Design. God gave man a brain, and a free will. Use both and its pretty easy to see that the world is billions of years old, the continents move around, dinosaurs duked it out for millions of years ... yada yada. That is not the point of faith, yet some are adamant about trying to 'prove' whatever mythology they happen to believe. Speaking of evolution, you have to read this:

Cat-killing raccoons
Olympia Raccoons

Yes, humans have evolved to the point where we have neighborhood grief counseling for cat loss, and abject fear of some raccoons. Coons that have evolved themselves apparently, to a smarter, meaner class of urban predator. But the real evolution is in the newspaper business, who have degenerated into emotional pablum peddlers, kind of like slime mold of the soul. The similarities in intent and style betwixt all three articles is startling, though the content is completely dissimilar. Very interesting.

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