Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Liberal Solution for Somalia

I get this in the mailbag:
So, us Liberals Lefties want to know,
Why was the Scrub and the CIA
Shoveling money and guns
To the Somali Warlords
What killed our Marines!
Poetic to say the least! Could be a bit on the wailing and gnashing of teeth side, but I stoically ignored the barb and soldiered on:

That is a disingenuous question, in that it is not the same warlords that killed our men. But, I ask myself the same question, what in the world are we doing? More importantly, why in the hell does the U.N., who is supposedly the wise example setter and caring institution in all things Africa, totally ignore this? I don't get it. And the Euros certainly shouldn't want another terrorist training ground, whats up? You wouldn't be happy with anything Bush does. But apart from that, what should be done there? No government, no economy, no security. What do you do?
Ah, well.
I'd sit down with Kofi and work a deal. The UN contacts the new Somalia government and sees if they need a little UN help. Ya know, food, medical, transport, etc etc on a small scale and building up. But, set some expectations. We'll supply this stuff as long as you respect human rights, no mass killings, don't harbor terrorists etc etc. Work out a quid pro quo....backstage, quietly, diplomatically. Keep the Americans out of it! We should support this, a lot. Give it a few years. Ask to appoint a low level diplomatic mission. No big rush. Patience....

Matter of fact.
That's about how I'd deal with most Islamic governments. Don't give them a reason to turn to the hardliners. Make it easy to be moderate. Try to get along. Talk, a lot. Listen even more. Solve the Palestine issue. Take your time. Find a way. Compromise. Everything is on the table to be TALKED about, but there are some things we WON'T DO. But, you give a little, we'll give a little.
Wow, that tells me a lot. In other words, you have no plan. Oh, wait, you want to give aid to terrorist supporting 'warlords' so long as they promise to be good. I guess you would have to throw in some security dough as well. Oh, wait, that sounds like the Bush plan, only no filthy American influence. Hey, I bet there is some good graft to be made in your plan. Join the U.N., get billions for your home country and a little on the side for yourself. Yeah, great plan. Has worked real well in the past. You have correctly expressed the true blindness of the liberal socialist. Thanks.

That is it, hope everyone enjoys the restatement of the obvious!

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