Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fitzmas in June?

Ah, we see that Fitzmas is the holiday when the gifts that you get, keep on giving. Yes, it's summer, but it might as well be snowing! Rove apparently is not going to be charged in the Plamegate affair. Gee, two and a half years, and he couldn't come up with even perjury? How very sad for the leftist nutters who have made this their Waterloo. But, not to be dismayed, a statement was released by the Plame-Wilson's legal council hinting that this will not be the end of the matter! By gosh by golly, the evil overlord Rove must be brought to justice! Hey, what ever happened to Joe's other 'lawsuit' against the former general Vallely? I guess Joe just can't get a break anywhere. But what impact will this have on all the faithful who have tried to ride this donkey to glory, only to see said donkey hobble, trip, fall over gasping and expiring? Half the Kossacks will need to schedule some depression counseling.

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