Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Slump for Politics

I have been heavily occupied with work, and in this sorrowful condition, politics is like poison. Yet is it the case of internalization? Or is something more sinister at work? I can get behind efforts to slam the socialist left. I can be jubilantly positive about superior Supreme Court appointments. Even on topics where divergence with our republican leaders occurs, such as spending, I remain fervent. But in the current season of love, the political weather is beyond my endurance.

The primary topic of distortion at the moment is Illegal Immigration. It can be summarized with a few catchy slogans like "No Illegal Left Behind" and "Alien Voter Enrollment Act". Sickening. The pandering politicos in the Senate are the worst abusers, on both sides. The situation is so distasteful, I have not the heart to engage a dialog.

The secondary smoke filled obscurity hinges on the "National Security" debate. Which, again, has become unhinged and is simply viewed by opponents as opportunity to make political advancement. God bless our troops, who are fighting for a brighter and more secure world. May coals be heaped on the empty heads who authorized that noble action and now use it for whatever political ambition suits the day.

I have already gone to far, my psyche needs renewal in the arena of rhetorical inferno. I think the American people are tired of politics, especially the politics of Doom and Gloom, and need re-invigoration. Who will step up to the plate and bring us the vision of a bright and noble future? Who will but on the mantle of Reagan? Rise up! Bring us hope and sanity in Washington!

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samrocha said...

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