Thursday, April 27, 2006

Those Freedom Loving Islamic Hackers?

I just realized that one of the blogs in my roll ( has garnered some attention of particularly odious nutters. It seems that he has irked some technically savvy hate mongers who have hacked his site multiple times. Others noticed before I (of course), notably sugiero and moxie, so go there and duly notice. Now, as for the free speech, Muhammad the dead guy apparently didn't appreciate it. So now some of his nutter followers practice anti free speech. Imagine that. My note to all Islamic Fundamentalists: get out of the dead guy cult as soon as possible, or be prepared to spend a cold dark eternity. Free people will prevail. Although I personally don't engage in book burning, when its very cold, the Quran lights easily. And if you run out of tp in the woods, I hear some versions are like Charmin. Go Aaron!

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