Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hu's Leader of an Evil Cult?

Who could resist Hu, current revolving puppet of the worlds most evil cult, when he is trying to persuade? Apparently, our fine President has enough spine to refuse Hu's persuasion when it comes to labeling the Falun Gong an 'evil cult'. Of course, no one suspected Hu would not like the Gong! But, title of worlds most evil cult has already been taken by the Party. Yes, Hu's party. How many people have the Falun Gong murdered? How many forced abortions have they done? How many people have they enslaved? Zero on all counts. Gee, they don't even register on the 'evil cult' meter. Not so for the cult of communism, especially as practiced by Mao. Yes, the über cult of Mao tops the charts for most evil cult in all history. Not to say that some upstart, like Islamo Fascism, could unseat the major player, but it would take real effort to get past the likes of Tojo, Hitler, and Stalin! And these boys were just playing in the sandbox compared to Mao, think about that for a moment. So, Hu knows what hypocrisy Hu speaks of, maybe.

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