Friday, February 08, 2008

A Discussion that Ends with "Liberal Optimism"

Ok, you know that is snarky sarcasm, and the folowing discussion is equally laced with invective. Don't be offended, it's a rough world. The key here is painting a picture of the political landscape. And what a result at the end... I begin things with this provocation:
Well, I was surfing around a bit, and I had completely forgoten Johny Mac's conservative fiscal roots. Ala Keating Five. It is a disgrace that, what I call conservative, and what the Party assumes is conservative, are two completely different things. John does one thing for the world, he assures a Obama victory in Nov. Baring some hideous screw up or evil Clinton plot against him. However, there was not much choice this year, same as the last .... twenty years. Oh, I voted against that idiot Kerry. But Bush was never my choice for leader, just better than your villiage buffoons. This time around, it is actually quite sad. Hunter is conservative, but no traction. Then give me Fred, but he had no desire or advisers. Rudy was acceptable simply on his executive record and talent, not aligned by the issues. And that's about all she wrote. Oh, I could have pulled the lever for Mitt, but he DOES NOT inspire confidence. And the Huckster, affable as he is, has revealed a severe lack of world comprehension.

Obama can win easily. But he has little skill, and even less experience. Doubtful he can grow up that fast. Going to be a rocky road..... At least the Clintons trust no one.... But they are evil. Possibly the best option now is to see Hillary get the nod. One bright spot, look for another '94 like conservative revolution in 2010. That's about all there is. You all on the left have even less hope. ZERO leadership, coupled with being in power, leads to disaster. You get the same lip service, and the same lobbyists who get what they want done, which has nothing to do with the concerns of the people. Unless it pertains to handouts for more votes, like "stimulus package", "citizenship", and "health care".
What will be the response I wonder?
Odd ain't it. No real conservatives and no real liberals. Wonder what that says about the state of politics in the USA? Well, actually, I like Obama. Great potential there if he isn't eaten up by the corrupt corporations and the criminal DOD bunch. Note how the tune from DOD is changing; less on 'the terrorists are coming' and more going back to the stock enemy, 'the Russians are coming'. Seems we just must have a boogieman or the warmongers won't get their inflated budgets.
Now that was down right placid. No excitement at all. So I tried to light up something a bit more direct:
Here is my question to you sages of the fever swamp. What is the read on Obama as regarding how he will handle lobbyists and corporate influence? He has steadfastly rejected K-Street money, but has gotten back door help in some areas. And the onslaught of 527 groups won't start for another month or so. How does he fair in that realm? It's an unknown, at least to me. With Hill and John, we will get the same old stuff, its completely damning, but so much retread that voters don't seem to care much. But Obama is a hidden target. I can not get any sense. When Hill and Bill went nasty on him, he came off kinda goofy, as if not sure of his own skin. But just the fact that he stayed ethereally positive made the clowns look old and bitter. What do you think?
So you would expect more insight, more politics, something fun. No, this is a strange day indeed. Here we have something with the definite flavor of conspiracy. End of the world nutterdom. Quite amazing that anyone could end up with this world view, but apparently this has become popular. See what you think:
Well. I think we are headed into an economic down turn that could really get nasty. I think we're heading into another rise in fighting and deaths in Iraq. I think we're going to see our purchased allies in Afghanistan drop out and the Taliban gain ground. I think that oil prices will continue to rise. I think that we will see a credit crunch, and soon. I think unemployment will begin to increase rather soon. I think we'll see Russia flex her muscles, and we can't do a damn thing about it. So, a year from now, we're going to see a Democratic President, a Democratic House, a 61+ Democratic Senate and have a lot of work to do to turn things around. As you saw in my list of a day or two ago, a lot of things have to be changed or we are going to lose our Republic and slip into 2ed nation if not 3 nation status.....broke, friendless, powerless, and on the rapid downhill slope. But, my best guess is that very little on my list will actually be accomplished, few even attempted, because the average American has yet to realize and feel what has happened; and by the time they do the disease will prove fatal. Some other people, somewhere else, some time in the future, will have to fight the good fight for freedom, independence, democracy and a republican form of government. We have become dull witted, sleepy, slow, unable to see the rising quagmire of indolence, debt, greed, ignorance and stupidity WE have built and become both the tool and the victim of. We will be remembered as are the Greek City States and the Roman Republic, elegant failures. Systems are, by their nature as systems, self-limiting if they do not adapt and change. a sort of 'social evolution' that is not genetic or biologic, but is intellectual, mental, political and economic. That is, based on man's ability to 'think'. Instead, we have allowed the evils of unrestrained capitalism, militarism, and religion to blind us to rational and progressive thought and ideas. Instead of looking forward our solutions are all looking backward, wanting to go back to a world that never was and can never be. That way lies a dead end. OK, so be it. Let the great Western civilization that arose from the 15th century decline and pass away. Some other people will adapt, change, and emerge as a new and dynamic civilization. Arnold Toynbee talked about civilizations in terms of cycles, tempered by 'crisis and response'. The West, particularly the US, is failing to respond in an adaptive manner to solve the 'crisis'. The outcome, as Oswald Spengler said, is The Decline of the West. We had a good run.
Well. This is the end result of the social humanist mentality. You can come to no other conclusion. Despair, failure, and destruction. The inevitable friend of the Godless. Don't you feel like a long hot shower after slipping into that swamp? A mental shower at least. Go now, and cleanse yourself.

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