Friday, January 25, 2008

The Final Battle in Iraq?

I have been scouring the news lately for Iraq headlines. Thankless task now that the leftist nutter media has apparently conceded their propaganda defeat. Oh, there are the moonbats hard at work rekindling Bush Lied&trade to satisfy their seven years of emptiness, but the semi-sentient press has fallen silent. Check that, silent on Iraq. They have the glories of a year long primary election to salivate over, the economy to trash, vapid politicians to prop up, and other nefarious deeds. So it was quite a wonder to read this piece from Reuters:

Iraq ready for "final" battle with al Qaeda - PM

I am not familiar with Messrs Qusay and Mohammed, but I figure you can plug in any number of reporters and get the same result. The first twist comes not from the article, but from the link itself. Filed in a folder entitled "featuredCrisis", one would expect something more dramatic. Now, of course we can interpret the tone of the title and the quoted "final" as snarky sarcasm, what else would motivate? They loathe Maliki, and would love to get a "Mission Accomplished" moment. All of that aside (It meets our expectation, yes?), did you notice what they now take for granted? Amazing, the surge worked. The local leaders across the country have turned away from the Islamists and joined with the U.S. forces. Finally, and none the less startling, we find the majority of remaining fighters are now "foreign".

Ponder these assumptions for a moment. Each one was a rallying cry for antiwar nutters mere months ago! Remember these tirades? "The surge is a disaster!" "It's a full blown civil war!" "They don't want us there, get out!" I could go on, but it's a bit boring at this juncture. The nutjobs obsess over it, and must be getting very frustrated that no one is listening. If the mainstream press finds nothing horrible to pin on Bush regarding Iraq, they move on to something that at least has legs.

Finally, would they even been talking about a final battle just six months ago? Even dripping with sarcasm, just the words in context say volumes. If it is true, and the majority of hardcore Islamist fighters have escaped to the north, it would represent a last stand. What are they hoping for in the north? It's not a population that supports them, simply terrain more conducive to hiding. Yes, start getting out the "Mission Accomplished" flags. Looks like we might be flying them soon!

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