Friday, January 05, 2007

Quick Thoughts on War Planning

I responded to snide little comments today, and it was refreshing:

Your reaching a fever swamp pitch I see. Hope your Bush hate yeilds something benifitial someday... (Though that is impossible, any real liberal knows love is the answer!) As far as the approval rating goes, you're in outer space. Hasn't really changed much over the last year, hovering in the high thirties. Much higher than Congresses approval rating.

Bush Approval Ratings

But, thats irrelevant. Who cares about his approval rating now? Is he up for election? So, dems gonna defund the military? Also noticed that there was no huge escalation in Iraq violence after Saddams resizing. Wonder if the Bathists are loosing heart. You know, one thing the Iraq war planners may not have accounted for was the 100,000 criminals Saddam released just before the war. But, that wont be much of a problem soon. Transition continues, virtually ignored by libs. As to your juvenile relationship between historical war planning and the Iraq war, I scof. The 'war' was briliant and executed extreemely quickly. But if you want to make a comparison concerning the real parallel, lets do it! How did we beat the Japanese? They were fanatical, loyal to death. Fighting harder than any Islamofacist yet seen by us. Estimated losses in taking the Japanese homeland were staggering. We firebombed them, starved them and they still threw everything they could at us. So what happened? We nuked them. Civilian populations erased in one fell swoop. Showed them overwhelming force, and the will to use it.

You think your precious little war planners had that in mind? Completely asinine comparison. However, you are onto something. A plan to win includes displaying to your enemy that you will be willing to anihilate them. It is the infecting concepts of 'never again' and 'the end of all war' that guarentee another conflict even greater than before. We were willing to destroy whole cities of 'inocent' people in WWII, and our enemies continued to fight until recognizing the complete destruction of thier society. With the media of today, the will to fight that war would have been removed by peacenik 'propaganda' even before Midway. By the time of Guadacanal, the losses and images would have stabbed us in the heart.

Why were the Japanese so fanatical? They believed the Emporor was a divine representative. They were Shintofascist. Young men in droves threw away thier lives, and didn't stop until the divine leader gave up. The proverbial cutting off the head of the snake. What do you think it will take before we recognize the same thing in the Islamofascists? Because right now throughout the middle east, a whole generation is being raised with the same type of twisted idealism that the Japanese had. You think they care at all about diplomacy? Not likely. And what is a reasonable respnse to the rise of such a threat? Go hide in the sand and suck you thumb as you peaceniks desire? The longer you wait, the stronger your opponent becomes, just as in WWII. If the planners were so smart, they would have advised a pre-emptive buildup of the military and scrapping of the Versaille treaty.

Enter todays beautiful quote:

"Today, we have produced more than 250 tons of UF-6. Should you visit Isfahan, you will see we have constructed tunnels that are almost unique in the world," State-run television quoted Aghazadeh as saying.

Sure, its just another boisterous outburst from those frendly peace loving Iranians. Fortunately, our media is deaf dumb and blind to such threats, so we can wallow in ignorance a bit longer. Asisted of course by Bush hating peacenik nutters who lap up the self mollifying guilt fest daily. Its as if 9/11 never happened for them. And if it is im memory, its tagged with something along the lines of "Bush did it." Just like Rosevelt caused Pearl Harbor.

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