Thursday, December 14, 2006

More Traitors in the Senate?

Ah, can you believe the wonder of liberal nutters? Have a taste...
The Senate may actually be trying to conduct foreign policy! Why, why, the nerve of those people, taking their constitutional duties seriously! I mean, how dare then go around a President and Secretary of State that only know obstruction and war rather than negotiation and peace. Next thing you know one of them will want to go to North Korea. Which ain't such a bad idea.....

Uh, you mean undermine our foreign policy. Put your glasses on. So now its a 'constitutional duty' to negotiate with terrorist supporting nations? Oh, and it works so well too. I'm sure Assad will be all accommodating. I'm sure he will stop aiding Hezbollah right away. And the border with Iraq, yep, patroled night and day. Hey, lets throw Lebanon under the bus.... Typical of lib idiots. Sacrifice anything so long as it is a path to more power. Unless you are really delusional and think that you can make nice with a society who's major congregating factor is Israeli and Western hate. Along with a bunch of other fears and hates. Makes me laugh that you nutters fall for the diplomacy line every time. "Oh yes, we would love to help you in Iraq..." Regan was the last president to successfully negotiate with the Iranians, but the nutters shot that down. Not that I would be in favor of that strategy, but it is funny that lib idiots didn't want to negotiate if it meant success for Regan. Oh, and didn't another traitorous scum lib Dem senator thwart US foreign policy then to? A little trip to support the commie bastard Ortega? Yes a long and sordid history of hindering America from within... Oh, don't forget the other traitors who colluded with the North Vietnamese.

Fight internal oppression by socialist Liberals!!!!!!!

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